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Brand Study: Top 30 Global Clear Aligner Brands

Change is perpetual. Dentistry has advanced more in the last decade than in the entire last century. Global macroeconomic uncertainty, supply chain disruptions & high inflationary pressures caused by COVID-19 and Ukraine – Russian conflict have made the clear aligner space even more competitive – exerting pressure on brands’ scale up plans and how they engage with consumers. In our latest brand study, you would encounter many brands that have been in existence <5 years.

Envista Holdings’ Spark Aligner significantly overperformed the global clear aligner industry as well as the category’s leader brand Invisalign—with no signs of slowing down in FY 2023.

Traditional DSOs are also challenging the status quo by transcending across silos – especially more recently by integrating backwards to offer their own private label brands. As more & more players enter the space, its becoming increasingly difficult for companies to effectively communicate their value proposition – leading them to realize that more often than not the most successful companies don’t start with the product itself, but rather the brand.

With the increasing ecological footprint and carbon burden, clear aligner brands have a more active role in driving change. We have already covered this in our recent article series about how German brand ClearX is driving environmental equality - set to disrupt the global landscape.

Social platforms continue to enable a deeper emotional connection and higher relevance for brands in FY 2022. We even witnessed some brands experimenting in the gamer’s world and Metaverse in H1’22.

insightsZ congratulates and celebrates each brand included in our report. Just like last year, we look forward to publish our list of insightsZ Superbrands in the upcoming weeks.

To download the +200 slide Keynote, please refer to our Research section here (available for registered members only). If you will like to become a client, please contact us.

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