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Q1 2022 Update: Global Intraoral Scanner Category

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

insightsZ covers the global IO scanner category on quarterly basis. Our analysis not only covers the sales figures, but also an elaborative summary of new product launches, manufacturing updates, supply chain bottle necks and even social listening tools.

Here is a quick snapshot of our findings:

  • Globally, dentists’ intent to purchase intraoral scanners has significantly exceeded the pre-pandemic levels. This trend is fueled by high YoY market growth in North America and Greater China regions.

  • There is clearly an emergence of a new global category – that is, entry level intraoral scanners. Especially in Mainland China, many home-brewed entry-level brands incl. Runyes 3DS, Fussen DentaLink S6000, Shining 3D’s Aoral scanner have entered the market in last 18 months. All of the above brands have demonstrated high triple-digit YoY growth during FY20/21, and show no signs of slowing down in upcoming years.

  • Dentists are increasingly considering buying intraoral scanners online – as an alternative to visiting showrooms or retail outlets. Based on our recent survey, the North American channel partners have responded by becoming increasingly transparent about product pricing, commercial bundles and even promotions. This represents a major shift in the consumer purchase journey of IO scanners.

  • Not only there is an increasing general consensus about buying intraoral scanners online, but also a rising consumer preference for online & virtual trainings. With Covid-19 restrictions in the last 24 months, GPs have widely adopted a preference for video and on-demand trainings. This trend is expected to stay, especially in the wake of recent Covid lockdowns in Mainland China.

  • C-level executives at leading dental manufacturers and PE groups unanimously agree that SaaS, AI and Cloud based services will drive the next wave of revolution in digital dentistry. The industry’s commitment is especially evident in terms of recent financing and investment rounds witnessed in the industry’s PE sector as well as product pipelines at major dental manufacturing players.

To read the complete report, please refer to our Research section here (available for registered members only). If you will like to become a client, please contact us.

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