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How Dental Monitoring can change the Treatment Journeys forever?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Dental Monitoring is an AI based product that’s revolutionizing the remote care of patients’ progress during the course of their clear aligner treatment.

In 2018, Straumann acquired 9 percent stake in the company (although DM platform is not limited to Clear Correct aligners). Not only DM platform continues to be open for more than twenty clear aligner brands worldwide, but also additionally in early 2021, DM extended its platform for traditional wires & braces, independent of the manufacturer. This landmark change expanded the addressable market size of the company by at least 75 percent globally.

As of Q3 2021, DM is present in more than 22 countries worldwide with US being the largest market - where it partners with Smile Doctors, one of the largest DSOs in the country focused on orthodontic treatments.

Major office locations include Austin, Sydney, Hong Kong, Sydney in addition to Paris, where the company was originally founded.

The Pandemic’s impact on the broader telemedicine industry was visible in the last 18 months. The acceleration in DM’s platform usage was unprecedented as the number of users jumped to more than 500K patients (+150% YoY).

As a part of its commercial go-to market strategy, DM relies on its network of Account Managers and Implementation Specialists for its customer acquisition efforts.

To find out more about Dental Monitoring, it's funding timeline, ownership structute, revenue-mix and customer acquisition strategy, please refer to our Research Report here (available for registered members only).

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