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Rise of Overjet AI in the Dental Services Space

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Overjet is among the early AI businesses that’s ready to disrupt the global dental industry. For the NT, the company expects to focus on US market – among the largest in the world in terms of volume of dental X-ray data generated & processed.

In May 2021, Overjet received the FDA 510 (K) approval for its first doctor-directed software suite Dental Assist™. The AI based SaaS application enables dentists to measure mesial and distal bone levels in intra-dental and periapical X-rays - this measurement of bone loss is critical in successfully diagnosing periodontal diseases.

The company identifies the following targets as their prospects –

1. Payers: Insurance companies and claims review firms

2. Providers: DSOs or large practice chains

Two years back, Overjet already rolled out its first product targeted at Payers. Acting on its strategy execution for insurance and claims, Overjet announced:

1. Strategic partnership with Guardian Life Insurance Co in 2019

2. Acquisition of ADE (American Dental Examiners) in 2021

For future, there are strong network effects expected to kick-in, also ensuring a pipeline of new products ready to be commercialized in the foreseeable future.

To find out more about Overjet's funding timeline, FDA updates and its evolving business model targeted at both Payers and Providers, please refer to our Research Report here (available for registered members only).

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